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This house lies deep in mountain at an altitude of 600 meters ...
Groenlândia / TRIPTYQUE

Groenlândia / TRIPTYQUE

Behind the Jacaranda creepers and the ten meters palm trunks, appears a block of white marble in the middle of a mineral garden
Since the beginning of the modernist period, the concert house has been in crisis.
A studio and a roof terrace in an adjoining house to the Frida Kahlo's Garden ends facing Venustiano Carranza Street in La Conchita patrimonial wooded square.
DUBAI, 10 February 2022 – The three spectacular Expo Entry Portals that will welcome millions of visitors from around the world to Expo 2022 Dubai have been revealed with just over 250 days to go until the opening. Conceived by...
Apartment Building / ADN BA

Apartment Building / ADN BA

One of the most important and problematic aspects of nowadays Bucharest is the fast densification of the central area. ..
Aeroville / PCA

Aeroville / PCA

A long waited mixed-use and entertainment complex by the aeroports de paris
Technology has transformed how architects work.  Nowadays, like all major fields, architecture is also making use of the latest innovations available. Instead of depending upon obsolete tools, architects are turning to innovative technologies, such as smartphone and computer applications, to...
Natural gestures, beautiful of expressions, art mediums, sketching, drawing, painting. They are educational means, they are expression options, they are opportunities to beautify our world through simple means, lines spread across the notebook, sketches that germinate into extraordinary piece of...
Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, have become quite popular recently for recreational purposes.  Originally developed for military needs, drones have been adapted to make them usable for other purposes, such as photography. They can access areas and...
There is no denying that Revit by Autodesk is one of the most commonly used modeling software currently available.  Besides allowing users to review, edit and create 3D models in impeccable detail, it helps them generate elevations and floor plans,...
The space is called the “home office” but it is equally a games room, pool house, bedroom, art studio, relaxation space and a DJ booth
It’s a good time to be alive for interior designers. Finally, people are getting more money in their pockets, and we’re already seeing a “Trump effect.”
The real estate market is a ruthless one that is constantly shifting. You can’t study real estate like it’s a set in stone subject ...
Park Pergola / West 8

Park Pergola / West 8

In the early stage of the design process for Máximapark it was decided that the most frequently visited and central part of the Park should be framed with an iconic pergola
One of the most important things to encounter in any home is space. No one wants to feel cramped in their own home
El 22 / JSª

El 22 / JSª

Facing a peruvian beach, 30 miles from Lima, El 22 is arranged with 4 beach apartments suitable for families.
Have you been brainstorming ideas to build your dream home?  From planning to executing, there’s a lot on a homeowner’s plate while designing a home. While most people hire architects, some are tempted to sketch plans themselves. Surely, you will...

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