Increase Forklift Safety at Your Business

    Increase Forklift Safety at Your Business

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    Increase forklift safety at your business

    If you use forklifts in the day to day operations of your business, ensuring the safety of your employees is likely a priority. Anytime there is any type of heavy equipment in use, there is an increased chance that an accident may occur. If you take time to improve the forklift safety that is implemented in your business, you can substantially decrease the number of accidents or mishaps that occur. There are simple steps you can take, such as keeping the entire floor clean, installing some mirrors at the ends of aisles and by displaying posters of safety measures that can be taken in prominent areas.

    Here are some things you can do to make the used forklifts at your business safer.

    Pedestrian and Operator Training

    This refers to legitimate training provided by a certified instructor. If someone offers a one day course with 10 minutes of hands on use, this is not efficient. If you truly want to ensure that the operators of your forklift fleet are operating the machines safely, you need to invest in forklift instructor training that provides certificates of completion for the operators of your forklifts. In addition to initial training, you should also provide refresher courses to ensure any new safety standards are upheld.

    Maintain Your Equipment

    One of the crucial elements of ensuring the safety of your forklift operation is maintaining your equipment properly. This includes checking elements such as back up alarms, lights, horns and strobes. These are the signaling devices that will ensure the forklift is easily seen when in motion.

    The fact is that the benefits and advantages of having forklift operators that are trained in proper safety use of the machines will reach far beyond simply reducing the number of injuries that occur. Some of the other benefits include:

    Providing lower costs. When you have forklift operators who know the proper safety steps to take, you can reduce the operating costs of your company. By inspecting the equipment frequently you can also ensure lower repair costs.

    Increased productivity: When you have a safe working environment your workers will be spurred to be more productive. This safe environment will decrease downtime and result in accidents and problems with the machines.

    Reduction in the cost of workers compensation and insurance. When you have properly trained forklift operators, you will likely be eligible for a reduction in insurance and workers compensation related claims.

    Providing the proper training for your forklift operators can ensure that they have fewer accidents and that they understand how to use your expensive equipment properly. It is also important to properly train pedestrians who may be in the areas where forklifts are being operated. Doing this will ensure that you provide a safe working environment, which can lead to less accidents and a more productive working environment.


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