The Perfect First Impression: Making Your Home Look Flawless

The Perfect First Impression: Making Your Home Look Flawless

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We’ve all heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but let’s face it – sometimes it’s impossible not to. When you approach a house, you learn a lot about its owners from the way it looks on the outside. Here are some tips that will ensure that any visitors to your home get the ideal first impression…

Repaint Your Walls

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First of all it’s time to repaint the outside of your home. If you feel completely comfortable standing on a stepladder to do this yourself, it’s certainly possible to do so, although it’s probably a better idea to hire the professionals to do it, so that you make sure that you avoid any falls and broken limbs. There’s nothing worse than shabby peeling paint so it’s important to add some new spotless white paint to make your home look bright and beautiful.

Add Curtains To Your Windows

There’s something that feels very strange about walking past a house and being able to see right inside it, so why not add net curtains to your windows to preserve your privacy? It’ll make sure that any visitors walking past your windows on the way to your front door don’t see right inside, and it’ll also ensure that sunlight doesn’t get into your home and start fading your possessions.

Improve Your Garden

The perfect first impression: making your home look flawless
If your front garden isn’t in particularly good shape then now is the time to change that. A lot of the time, plants are very stubborn about growing if the soil quality isn’t very good, so if you want to majorly overhaul your front garden then make sure you use Alpine soil mixer equipment and then add some fertilizer to make it easy to grow plants when all the work is done. Add perennials like geraniums and shrubs along with evergreen trees to ensure that your front garden doesn’t look too grey and threadbare through winter, and start raking your front lawn to pull up any weeds and moss before adding plant food to make sure it grows healthy and green.

Make Your Paths Safe

It’s crucial to make sure that your front path and driveway are freshly resurfaced, to make sure that any visitors don’t end up tripping up on the way to your house – you don’t want any injuries that aren’t caused by revelry, after all! Any crooked paving should be taken up and relaid by professionals and you should make sure that you pull up any weeds from the roots that have sprouted between paving slabs – these can get very slippery and ruin your pathways.

Decorate Your Hallway

The perfect first impression: making your home look flawless

Finally, it’s important to make sure that a visitor’s first step into your house is beautiful. Repaint your front door and ensure that there’s a mat down for your visitor to wipe off their shoes, along with a tidy shoe rack if you have a no-shoes policy at home. Paint your hallway a bright colour like white or pale grey so that it looks open and spacious, and add a light fitting that will have the same effect. Finally, add some decorations like a coat rack or a bookshelf for a decorative final touch.


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