Save Expenses in the Long Run by Securing Your Building Today

    Save Expenses in the Long Run by Securing Your Building Today

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    Warehouses and factories are often considered dangerous, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By implementing proper security measures, you can secure your building and save yourself money in the long run.

    Here are some tips for making your building safe and secure for its occupants.

    Keep the Floor Clean

    When it comes to large buildings filled with people and equipment, messes are going to happen. But it’s important that you keep them to a minimum to avoid any unnecessary injuries caused by slipping or tripping on something. Make sure there are no electrical cords, small pieces of equipment, rubbish, hoses, and anything else that may pose a risk to workers in the area.

    In the event of a spill, you should have spill kits on hand. These kits contain special equipment such as liquid absorbing materials to clean up a variety of spills. You can even find spill kits by the types of liquids they absorb, making it easy to keep the proper clean-up equipment on hand at all times.

    Save Expenses in the Long Run by Securing Your Building Today

    Safety Barriers

    Training employees, keeping the building clean, and properly labelling and handling hazardous materials are all important parts of warehouse safety, but you can’t fully secure a warehouse without proper barriers in place. These barriers can be placed anywhere that falling or colliding with machinery may be a risk, and can also be used to barricade dangerous parts of the building which don’t need to be accessed frequently.

    BoPlan’s FLEX IMPACT® handrails, safety barriers, bollards and goal posts, and rack protectors are designed to withstand high impact, protecting your employees and your equipment from serious danger. They’re different from regular safety barriers because they’re made of a durable, flexible polymer, which, in addition to being impact-resistant, is also a great shock-absorbing material. This allows it to bend when it’s hit and revert to its original form.

    Educate Employees

    While implementing barriers and other safety equipment is important, it’s equally important to teach your employees safety measures. And not just the common-sense ones, either.

    Here are some of the aspects of workplace safety that your employees should know about:

    • Proper work practices: Workers should know how long a task should take (so they don’t rush it) and when it’s time to take a break and rest. They also need to know how to operate machinery, including shutdown procedures in case of emergency.
    • Ergonomics: For personal safety, employees should take an ergonomic approach to work. This allows them to do strenuous work with as little difficulty as possible, which helps prevent injuries from repetitive motions. Objects that are too heavy for one worker to lift should be handled by two people or a lifting device such as a forklift.
    • Heat control: When you’re working in a factory or warehouse — especially one with heavy machinery — it’s going to get hot. Your employees should be trained to recognise the signs of heat stress and avoid it. You should also ensure your building is properly ventilated to help maintain a reasonable temperature.

    Why a Secure Building Is Important

    Securing your building isn’t just important for the safety of you and your employees, it can also save you tons of money in the long run. If an unsafe feature in your building injures you or one of your employees, the medical bills could be substantial and you could be left paying them. Even worse, you could end up with a huge lawsuit on your hands, which will cost you in terms of both money and reputation.

    Some safety measures may seem safe or unnecessary, but you can’t put a price on preventing serious injuries and lawsuits. Inspect your building today and ensure that it’s safe and secure.


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