10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room Ever

10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room Ever

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10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever

A dorm room is a space that must reflect the internal world of the owner to the other students. It should not only be a place where you will come to rest from the hard studying day. It is a place where you will exist, experience new impressions. Your dorm room is your visit card and that is why you must decorate it uniquely and use extraordinary ways. However, some students hesitate to upgrade their dorm room because of various restrictions. They also give up their ideas because they think that creative room design is too expensive. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to change the interior of the dorm room easily and on a budget. We have picked up best 10 decorating ideas that will make your dorm room the best!

1. Upgrade Dorm Room Entry

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room everDo you know what makes the first impression about your dorm room? It is the front door. A person that enters your room will remember it only if you impress him with the door decor. First of all, you can hang a whiteboard near the entry. You can leave a message there for every visitor and leave a place for the feedbacks. But prepare that someone can make fun of you and write “write my essay please”.We offer you to change the design of your dorm door according to the season. If it is Halloween, hang there some spooky stickers. Cover it with the snowflakes before Christmas holidays. Make experiments and impress your guests! There are many ways of door decoration available on the internet.

2. Create a unique board

You need a board. It is a place, where you can fix your schedule, stick necessary notes. It also reflects your personality as well as photos. You can also turn it into the realization board: hang the pictures that contain your dreams and aims. All you need is to find a square piece of wood (you can buy it or use some former furniture) and spit your creative out! Bright paintings, tapes, stickers, drawing pins will come in handy. For the realization board, you can use pictures from magazines and make a fancy collage.

3. Upgrade your seat

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room everDorm room upgrade is not only about wall design. The room is the best when it is not only pretty but also comfortable to live in. That is why you must enrich it with the objects that will satisfy basic human comfort needs. You must add your personal dorm furniture. For example, everybody wants to have humpties. They are light and fluffy, a perfect place to stop rushing lifestyle and have a rest. Buying a pouf is too expensive for ordinary student’s budget, that is why you can make it from magazines and pillows! Just collect magazines, books and newspapers that are out of use and build a column. Put a fluffy pillow on the top and fix it with belts to the column. Both pillows and belts you can buy at the vintage shops that will cost you less can a cup of latte at the food machine. If you do not have enough literary garbage for the seating, make a dorm raid and collect it from other students. It is a nice way to make new friends!

4. Plants are your friends

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
Every space needs a plant. Plants carry not only decorative style value but a health value too. If your room has few flower pots you will have more fresh air. In addition, green color calms nerves and makes a positive influence on the sight. Although, pots with plants occupy much place in the room and students find this idea not practical. But there is the solution! When the horizontal space is limited, think vertically. You can hang planters to the ceiling or to the wall and impress your visitors with another extraordinary decoration! But make sure that you hang them around the source of sunbeams, otherwise, your plants will die.

5. Bookshelf. Literary

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
It is another way to use already read books as a decorating idea. Take the most massive books and glue stem to the wall. Get a creative shelf where you can place various staff. If you place there the books it will look weird and mysterious. Because a rare person can meet floating in the air books near the walls.

6. Very smart and portative TV

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
You have a smartphone for sure, but i bet that you do not have a tv. Have in your dorm room you can have not only a TV, but a cinema! It is easy to make a projector from the shoebox and the magnifying glass. Imagine how popular you can become among other students. With pouf seats and a portative TV you can easily organize cinema nights and invite friends in your best dorm room!

7. Arrange your photos

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
It is not surprising to enter the room where personal photos are hanging on the wall. People enjoy looking and the printed memories about heartwarming moments with close people. It is a common fact that personal photos are the best way to customize your dorm room. And you can be unique in the way you do it. For example, you can stick pictures according to some pattern: build a letter from them or some figure, like a heart or a cloud. If you frame photos with washi tape on the wall it will look quite extraordinary. Also, you can apply polaroid filter in photo editing tools and cover your wall with this pictures. It can give a vintage look.

8. Fill the wall with vinyl

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
It is a perfect idea for the people who are keen on the music. If you have a wall filled with various vinyl records and your visitor is fascinated while looking at it, it is a sign that you have found your music soulmate. It is easy to find these records at the vintage shops or even in your parent`s attic. That is why if you notice you dad throwing aways the records of any band, pick them up for the design purposes. In addition, you can make photo frames from it or clocks. The choice is yours.

9. Add a colorful rug

Floor design matters as much as the wall of furniture design. Rugs are essential for rooms, especially during the winter. It is always pleasant to walk on the covered with something fluffy floor. You can buy a rug or create your own from different pieces of fabric. It is a thing that requires your creativeness. If you feel upset or frustrated it will be more pleasant to lie on the nice carpet that on the naked floor. Also, if you have many visitors in your dorm room, it is obvious that there will be not enough space on your bed or seatings. But the presence of the rug allows you to place many guests on the floor.

10. Extraordinary candles

10 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever
Even colleges with the best dorms do not allow traditional candles. However, every student can have an occasion, where the presence of this decorative attribute will be obligatory. Yes, I am talking about the creation of romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Also, it is a good idea to decorate a room for some celebration. So, what will you do, when the fire is banned? Use the electric tealights instead. Put them into jars that you can decorate according to your preferences. When you turn off the regular lights, the illumination from the jars will fill your room with new shades.


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