10 Dorm Room Decorating Tips

10 Dorm Room Decorating Tips

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10 dorm room decorating tips

When you enter the college and leave home, dorm becomes your second home. But you won`t have much space and as much freedom in it. That is why it is harder to decorate the room more radically. The owner always wants his home to resemble him. The dorm room itself must become a pleasant place where you can relax from the exhausting lessons (or parties) and feel coziness. Many students think that it is impossible to upgrade dorm room according to your wishes because they are too restricted in space. This article will help you to exploit the available space of your dorm room with many profits!

1. Use the whole potential of your wardrobe

In the regular room in your sweet home, you possibly have a big wardrobe and several night tables. And sometimes even this plenty of space is not enough for you (you buy new clothing, but the space in the wardrobe stays the same). What to do in the dorm room, if only a part of the wardrobe is available for you and you are not satisfied with the functions of regular night tables? Upgrade the furniture that you have and use it for more purposes! For example, you can stick the mirror to the wardrobe and save space on the wall. In addition, you can also attach little sacks where you can put shoes or dirty laundry.

2. Make your seats multi-optional

It is ridiculous to have only the bed as the place where you can sit, sleep and exist. You must have some seatings for the guests. Because dorm is a place where the doors the room are opened nearly for everybody. It is not convenient to have chairs now. If you fill your room with some puffs it would be much better. Another good thing about puffs – you can transform them into storages of your stuff. Every person will find what to place in the storage. In such a way you will make your room cosier and get rid of massive furniture.

3. Make magic with washi tape

10 dorm room decorating tips
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Usually, the dorm rooms have a single color design. The walls look very boring, so students treat them like the canvas for creativity. Unfortunately, in most rules and regulations forbid to change wallpapers or paint the walls. But you can diversify the design of your room using the washi tape. You can easily replace it when the created décor will tire you. With washi tape you can:

– decorate front door with geometric figures;
– make bright frames for the photos on the wall;
– decorate bookshelves;
– separate wires in the power cube.

4. Create Recycled Rug

Rugs add coziness to the room. You can also place friends on the floor if it is covered with the rug. Because in the dormitory you can never predict how many guests will flock in your room but you must provide them with needed comfort. There is a way to create handmade rug from old T-shirts. If you do not have enough useless clothing, walk around the dormitory, get acquainted with new people, wriggle into their favor and take their T-shirts! In return help them if they request “write my essay for me reviews”.

5. Hang cork-boards

If you cannot paint on the walls does not mean that are not allowed to hang on them something. It is very convenient for students to have their own cork-board. You can hang near your desktop or above the bed and fix there with pins important pictures, notes, some petty stuff. There are some creative ways to use corkboard too. For example, you can fill your wall with cork-board world map and mark the places that you have visited. Such boards are cheap, so every student can allow himself such decorative luxury.

6. Illuminate your room

10 dorm room decorating tips

Simple dorm lights are boring. If you hang in the room twinkle lights you will fill your room with magical atmosphere. But try not trivial ways of hanging fairy lights. For example, practice with figures. You can make a name or some important for you word from the twinkle wire. Also, you can hang it not only on the wall, but on the plant, or on the shelf. It places less space than ordinary table-lamp that is why your dorm room is in need of it. Besides of twinkle lights, you can stick to the shelves LED strip lights. By the way, if you have various sources of illumination in the room and hang a disco-ball on the ceiling your dorm room will turn to the little dance hall!

7. Put a flag on the wall

10 dorm room decorating tips
It is another way of how to fight will blank walls. The point is that you can choose flag according to your interests. If you want to show your patriotism than the perfect choice is to hang the flag of your nation. If you are into pirates – black roger will reflect your romantic spirit. In case you are fond of sports, the flag of your favorite team is the best idea for you.

8. Hang photos on the rope

Your personal photos with close people are a quintessence of memories that must have a place in your room. Such intimate objects will fill the room with your own energy. However, it could happen that it will be forbidden in your dorm to stick photos on the wall. Do not get desperate! There is a solution. All you need is a string or some kind of wire and clothing pegs. Put strings on the wall and fix there your pictures with threads. Even if you are allowed to stick photos directly on the wall, this way is more creative and contemporary. Moreover, you can turn wires into various figures, combine with dorm lights and make it completely a one of a kind decor.

9. Create a thing to place to hang your accessories

In most occasions, when you keep bracelets, earrings and necklaces in one box, they mix in one massive tangle. That is why you need these dorm room ideas: not only to decorate your room creatively but also to put in order your personal staff. So, stop keeping accessories in boxes. Try to hang them somewhere. You can place some nails on your wardrobe door and distribute your stuff there. If you take a grate from the kitchen it will be also convenient and creative. Remember: try to make every object in your dorm room multi-functional.

10. Find new use for trash bins

Metallic trash bins are cheap and they can serve not only for garbage keeping. If you simply turn it up-and-down and put a pillow on the top you can create a comfortable chair! It is not the end. You can make a night-table from it if you place a board on the top.


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