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What color goes with brown? This color often gets labeled as boring and lackluster in a variety of ...



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Polished Concrete Floors 101 – Definition, Tricks, Inspiration

Ultimate guide to interior home decorating in black and white

You no longer need to cover the concrete foundation of your home with expensive flooring materials. Those days are long gone… Today, minimalist and sophisticated designs highlighting polished concrete flooring are trending. So, are you already convinced that polished concrete is the way to go? Well, you’ve made the best choice for your modern home. …

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15 Types of Windows Shades for Your Future Home

Types of windows shades

When you’re visualizing your future home, it’s usually the bathroom, large furniture, and gadgets that get the most attention. But since you’re reading this post, you’ll know that window shades, too, can make a significant difference! Kudos to you for recognizing that. We share the same sentiment as well. Now, if you can’t quite decide …

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12 Best Vicks Humidifiers To Consider Right Now

Aroma humidifier therapeutic home device

According to health experts, indoor humidity levels should be maintained between 30-50% so that people don’t suffer from respiratory issues because of dry air. As such, you need a humidifier to help add moisture into the air to prevent dryness. These products have been making a lot of buzzes lately because of their affordability and …

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