The Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch

The Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch

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The hottest kitchen cabinet trends to watch

Designing a kitchen that is on trend and functional creates a space that invites you to sit down or grab a pot and start cooking. It can also create a space that welcomes your guests and makes them want to watch you during dinner parties and family events. Heavier cabinets made from darker shades of wood were popular in the past as were those made from lighter woods. When deciding which cabinets to use in your kitchen, you may want to take a look at some of the hottest cabinet trends.

Open Cabinets

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you might hate constantly opening and closing doors to find the right pot or ingredient. That is why many homeowners now opt for open cabinets. Instead of installing cabinets with matching doors, they leave the doors off. Others like the look of shelves rather than cabinets. They can install shelves of different widths, heights and lengths to accommodate all their kitchen tools. Open cabinets and shelves are best for those who have less items in their kitchen. The more things you store out and in the open, the more cluttered your kitchen looks.

Gray Instead of White

While white cabinets are a popular choice, not everyone likes the bright and sometimes blinding look of that color. White also has a tendency to show dirt and debris faster than other colors will. With white cabinets, you’ll worry about grease and even smoke from your cooking ruining the look of the wood. A better option is gray. Gray cabinets come in both lighter and darker shades that serve as a neutral base for the brighter colors you want to incorporate into your walls, flooring, furniture and decorations.

Shaker Designs

Shaker is a term that refers to furniture designed by the Shakers, a religious group founded during the 18th century. The Shakers created and sold furniture as a way to make money for its community, but modern manufacturers still use some of their original designs. Shaker cabinets typically have clean lines and minimal decorations. Most feature four pieces of wood added to the surface of each door to frame the wood and make it stand out. While you can opt for cabinets in darker shades like espresso and mahogany, most manufacturers and designers offer Shaker cabinets in softer shades of gray, cream and tan.

Personalized Cabinets

When looking for trendy cabinets for your kitchen, don’t discount personalized cabinets. Companies like Evolve Kitchens and others make custom cabinets based on your exact needs. Not only can you pick the wood used in those cabinets, but you can also pick the finish added to the wood and even the hardware used on the doors. This ensures that your cabinets work with your counters and appliances. With personalized cabinets, you can even get help designing unique cabinets to fit smaller and larger spaces in your kitchen, including corner cabinets and those that sit under your sink.

Renovating your kitchen often starts with your cabinets. You shouldn’t paint the walls or add new flooring until you make sure that the colors you pick will work with your cabinets. Some of the hottest cabinet trends that you can use in your kitchen include personalized cabinets, Shaker designs and open shelving.


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