Important Factors for House Architecture


Planning a design for your dream home is no easy task – it needs enough of time and considerations to finalise a home plan. Quite obviously you will need to look into many factors while you sit upon to decide the architecture of your house.

Planning a design for your dream home is no easy task – it needs enough of time and considerations to finalise a home plan.
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Nowadays, you get the ample opportunities to hire a reputed architecture and get your home custom designed with whatever fancies you have – may be you need a separate dressing area, exquisite roof lantern spaces, modular kitchens, a semi terrace for relaxation and also gardening. Yes, with proper planning you can surely achieve a home of perfect architecture and strength. Here are some factors to keep in mind while you are planning out the architectural aspects of your home –

Location and Topography – This is a vital point that should be kept in mind. If your home is to be situated by roadside, it would need some tactics to save you from pollution and sound. While, if it’s in the countryside you can dream of a sprawling bungalow. Look into the topography, size and the favourable features of the land. If it’s overlooking any natural beauty like hills or lakes, you can plan to face your living room facing that direction. If the land is sloped, your architecture will be very different to a house on a flat land.

Future Planning – You might be a couple right now, but if your home is a onetime investment, do wait and think of the future. Your children and grandchildren will be living with you in future, thus keep enough rooms for them as well. Accommodating a close family with is not a difficult task these days and can be done with expert architecture guidance. Keep some space for your leisure activities, so that in future if you need extra space you get it!

Roof Lanterns – This is a point that should be kept in mind while you are planning the architecture as roof patterns are difficult to change once all is done and set. Check out the areas where you would like to hang majestic lanterns and make the room flashy with lights. Especially if it is the living room; let your builder know this as he will suggest a wall pattern for the space as well.

Priority Setting – Your ideas will not know any bounds when you are planning your dream house; however you need to keep the priorities in mind so that your fancies don’t run amok. Practically think if you need more than two baths or you can use one of the spaces for storage; see if your parents need a prayer room, if you have kids do keep an extra room for the child apart from the study, kitchens should be spacious – let the home maker decide that. Thus, there are many requirements you need to fulfil logically. Think about them priority wise.

Light and ventilation – Light and wind plays a major influence on deciding the architectural structure of a home. Natural light and enough of ventilation should be there in the living rooms, kitchen and also bedroom. The areas you will be spending considerable time should be placed in the best direction. You can also install skylights to maximise the natural light in your interiors. Also, electrical light points should be well thought beforehand.

Once you know the exact things you need for your home you will be able to make a better plan. Start with simple sketches and make the final draft taking professional help from architecture.