Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal Instantly with These 5 Easy Tips

Improve Your House's Curb Appeal Instantly with These 5 Easy Tips

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In real estate, the first impression potential buyers receive from your home is the way it looks from the curb, whether they are looking at images of it online or driving past the property. These two factors are interrelated, since realtors report that potential homebuyers will physically visit a home they liked online about two thirds of the time. Fail to maintain the exterior of your home, and you could hurt its resale value and extend its time on the market. Improve your house’s curb appeal instantly with these five easy tips.

Improve your house's curb appeal instantly with these 5 easy tips

Clean Up the Property

The simplest and fastest way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to clean up the front yard. Remove kids’ toys littering the front yard, and clean up after any pets. Clean up your lawn, pull up the weeds and remove debris like fallen branches. Pick up any trash and clean the porch. Dispose of that aging couch or broken baby swing. This will eliminate anything that makes the house look run down or neglected.

A Welcoming Entrance

Your front door is the transition point from the outside to the inside of the home, and a bad entrance will affect the attitude of your prospective home buyers. At a minimum, you should clean the front door, screen doors and glass doors so that they are immaculate. Remove the dirty footprints and handprints from the door. Ensure that there are no cobwebs on the front porch. Clear the front steps and sidewalk, and consider repairing or replacing damaged steps.

You may want to repaint the front door with a bright, cheery colour to improve the home’s curb appeal. That takes just a day. If the handles are sticking, grease them or replace them. Don’t let a visitor encounter a hard to open door, since this will give them a bad first impression of the property and colour the rest of their visit. If the door has been damaged by a burglary, replace it with something solid and secure.

Walk Around the House

Walk around the outside of the home and look for things that would turn you off as a prospective buyer. Have the ant mounds in the backyard treated, while the dead ivy along the trellis should be removed. Pick up the litter and toys around the house, and make sure there aren’t any tools left out and about for someone to step on. You should note things like missing siding or damaged gutters so they can be fixed now, instead of lowering the offer on the home at closing.

If you have a deck in back, one of the fastest ways to clean it is with a pressure washer. If you don’t own one, there are several pressure washers that you can buy from Try doing that before you decide you have to stain it in order to improve its appearance.

Look Up

The roof of a home is typically ignored by the home owners unless it is leaking. Look at the roof of the home like a prospective home buyer. Are the shingles loose? They need to be repaired so that potential buyers don’t worry about leaks. If it is covered in mud or algae, arrange for the roof to be cleaned. If necessary, replace the roof now instead of having that issue bring down the value of your home.

Take the Right Pictures

Don’t take pictures of the property until you’ve already guaranteed that it has good curb appeal by looking its best. Then wait for a good day to take a picture. Sunny days can create a halo effect, whereas overcast days that aren’t dark and drizzly create the best photos.


The first step to improving the home’s curb appeal is literally cleaning the front of the home, while cleaning and picking up around the rest of the house is next on the list. Make the front entryway look inviting, secure and well maintained. Take the time to clean or repair the roof and any other issues on the exterior of the home. And don’t take pictures of the home until all of the above has been completed and the weather conditions ensure that your home looks its best.


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