Prepping Your Home for Christmas – Tips and Tricks for a Merry Home 


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Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever.

­- Joel Osteen


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The best time of the year, already.

So much to do and I don’t know where to start from.

We will make a list.



Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without glittering lights, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, presents, cookies and last but certainly not least, family. With so much to do and so less time, you really need an extended hand. You might wonder, how? There are things you can do with the limited time that you have but there are things that would require professional assistance and are time consuming. So, you’ve decorated your Christmas tree, got everyone presents, baked some cookies and cooked your family an amazing turkey dinner. What did you forget?  Oops, lights. You will need to hire a professional Christmas light installer. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. Here’s a list of tips and tricks for you.

  • Control Holiday Decision Making

The ongoing holiday feel might divert you from your focal point and you may end up spending more, scheduling things that actually make little or no sense or over indulging in all the merry making when you certainly don’t have time. You ought to plan and plan in advance to avoid all of it. A little ahead of time is more realistic and you don’t put your sentiments in line. If you are planning to go on a trip with family, make sure you have left nothing for the last moment. Make a budget and stick to it, you don’t want to regret buying your loved ones presents.

Gifts aren’t just obligations but a way to show that you love and care. The idea of Do it yourself (DIY) is to give your gifts a more personal touch. Handmade is the new black. Try handmade presents, you can get quilling and card making kits in the market. Instead of sending out printed cards, make a few for your family and loved ones.

  • Go Traditional

Don’t miss out on family traditions just because you rushed into the celebrations. This hustle through the merry making devoid you of the actual importance of Christmas. Have an early start so that you don’t put traditions to bed. The whole idea of festivities is to enjoy the spirit of traditions we have been following for generations.


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  • Gifts

The most part of our Christmas celebrations revolve around presents, make a budget and keep these pointers in mind before you start:

  • Gift Cards: These make great gifts for your colleagues.
  • Family gift exchanges: best option to keep your finances in check.
  • Online shopping: There are so many sales during festivals including the Black Friday and Cyber Sunday sales.
  • Paid wrapping: You can always order a present online and get a wrapping done before it gets delivered.
  • Personalized gifts: These add a personal touch and are great for family.
  • Charitable donations: A little philanthropy is never a bad idea.


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  • Decorations

Another very important thing that needs to be looked after, you can’t celebrate Christmas without decorating your house like a bride. Who doesn’t want their house to look good?

  • Get an artificial tree, it may be a little expensive but can be stored year round and you don’t need to buy one every year.
  • How the ornaments look is of least importance. What matters is their meaning or the memories. Give children a chance to do the decorations, you’ll be amazed by the creativity.
  • Sending out cards is such a beautiful tradition, you can always get personalized cards and send out to your family and loved ones.
  • Christmas lights aren’t just to decorate our houses but to also make us feel the light in our lives. You can’t do it all on your own and need to hire a professional. There are things you need to consider before hiring someone to do the job.


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Make a mental note. You might have definitely thought of certain ideas for light installations, before you proceed with the light installer or installation company, make sure they know what you want.

After all, it’s your house and you wouldn’t want to pay for something you don’t like, will you?

Maintenance. Lights are delicate and fragile objects and need good maintenance. Installing lights outside the house exposes it to heat, rain and bad weather. It becomes really important to consider companies which come with a maintenance policy. You wouldn’t want the lights to go off before Christmas, will you? You might think that you can do the maintenance after installation, but think about it, can you? You aren’t a professional and there’s a high possibility of you hurting yourself. Maintenance incurs more money. If your installation company doesn’t have a maintenance policy, you’re in for a dig in your pocket.

Compensation Insurance. Make sure that the guy you’ve hired has a compensation insurance as it saves you some money. Not only that, it saves you a lot of stress. You are not responsible for any unwanted accident. This is actually pocket friendly.

LED Lights. There are multiple reasons for using LED lights. They are long lasting, more durable and energy saving compared to their counterparts like CLF’s and tungsten’s. They are more organic and user friendly. Do not emit UV rays and are adjustable in different temperatures. Need less power supply as their run on low voltage and are very cost efficient.

Flexibility of Time in Installation and Takedown. It is never too soon for bright lights and festivities. Even when festivals are actually over, we still have a festive hangover. Companies that provide you a flexible and negotiable installation and take-down time are just the best. Let the spirit of festivities seep in your veins this Christmas and why not, it’s once a year. Pocket friendly too because you get the joy of every nickel you’ve paid, the longer you have the lights up.

Experience. Experience is one of the first and foremost things in the list. It means that the guy you hired knows what to do and how to do it. Didn’t you hire him for the same? Don’t make a rookie mistake by hiring a novice.

Well, that’s almost everything you need to consider before you hire an installation company this Christmas. Festivals are important. That’s one time of the year when the whole family comes together to celebrate the joy of being alive. Don’t let small things sabotage your happiness. Start preparing in advance. Plan a trip to your parent’s this Christmas, kids would love to see their grandparents. It’s one of the greatest joys of life to get the love of your elders, don’t deprive them of that. Go ahead and do a little community service or charity, it’s all in good faith. Do your research and let the lights brighten your hearts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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