Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

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Small and functional bathroom design ideas

Small bathrooms are the norm these days in space challenged apartments or micro apartments. With a few tweaks and tricks, you can have a small bathroom which is functional but has the right design elements to give the illusion of space as well as look stylish. Read on to find out more:

Baths with shower room

A bathtub which has room for a shower instead of a separate is an idea that has become quite popular. It saves space and you have both the options of a tub and a shower.


Functionality is the key for small bathrooms. Small bathrooms easily lend themselves to unwanted clutter so be careful while adding every single element. Everything in a small bathroom should have a purpose.


Install floor to ceiling storage units to increase storage. Open storage and colorful ladders can make your bathroom colorful and a good option to store containers. Floating shelves, hamper under sinks and stackable baskets above and under washing/drying units and cabinets are other storage options you could consider.


Bathroom vanities are an element which you can use to make your bathroom look great and be functional as well. There are many styles of bathroom vanities ranging from modern to rustic and which would allow you to express your personality, such as vanities from ABL Tile Centre.

Color scheme

White would make your bathroom look and feel bigger, and so would other bright colors, like red, blue etc. Dark colors should be avoided as they can make the bathroom look smaller.


Mirrors can increase the spacious feeling and the bigger the better. They can even be the focal point of the bathroom and you could coordinate the mirror design with the bathroom vanity. The mirror and bathroom vanity can set the tone for your bathroom décor.

Decorative tiles

Decorative tiles are a wonderful solution for small bathrooms. Tiles create a wonderful and bright atmosphere and give any look you choose – from rustic, classic to modern. Ceramic tiles can even be arranged in the form of interesting pictures.

Bathroom accessories

Accessories like the bathroom sink, soap dishes, towel rack and faucets come in a huge variety of styles. You can choose beautiful accessories to add beauty and elegance to your bathroom.

Small bathrooms need not be uninviting spaces and with a little planning and creative ideas you can have a bathroom that’s not only beautiful and functional but also fetches a lot of compliments.


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