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Aida Vasquez

Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity.


Aida is the first design contributor of Architecture Lab since 2011
She surges writing inspiration from real life as an avid architecture-art seeker always on the move
She reviews and writes about products that she deems “cool enough”


Aida has been writing for Architecture Lab for almost 12 years now, writing about anything and everything in the art and design niche, every piece she writes she aces with extraordinary attention to detail and a mountain of research to back it up.

When asked what drives her curiosity in realm of design Aida replied that:

” Every object is the thought process of its creator at a given point in time, often the result of a years struggle that we get to enjoy so casually, we should never overlook the effort our fellow peers, even if it comes in absolutely stupidly mediocre design.”


  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Decoration
  • Home improvement
  • Technology


Aida is a graduate of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto

TITLE | Design Contribuitor at Architecture Lab

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Aida Vasquez

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Reflected Ceiling Plan | Essential Building Design

Reflected ceiling plan

Reflected ceiling plans are vital to any building’s construction process. These plans are beneficial to every individual and aspect of the building’s design. Looking at a ceiling floor plan conveys all the relevant information from electrical and plumbing to the HVAC systems. It is safe to say, without one of these documents, putting together all …

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Towel bar height

Bathroom remodeling is not an easy job, and you will find yourself considering a lot of things before proceeding. Well, we are here to help!  You may need to hang hand or oversized towels along with bathrobes and other clothes. Hence, the height should be enough to accommodate them all.  Also, the bars lie very …

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Best movies for architects inception

Let’s be honest, some of the best architectural inspirations come from films.  Just think about it, film directors and set designers go to all lengths to create a world that’s believable to the moviegoers. On top of that, often whole films are created using sets, and we aren’t even aware of it.  However, for architects …

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